Saturday, August 22, 2009

Donate Via Paypal

For all of our faithful supporters, and all of those would-be supporters out there, we have made it super-easy (and secure!) for you to donate to the Vision Atlanta Mentoring program. All you have to do is click on the little paypal button below, or on the top right hand corner of this blog. There's no fee at all to send money via your bank account. You can also send money from your credit card for a 2.9% fee. And with the click of a button, you've helped kids in Atlanta to a brighter future! Can you even believe it's that easy?

Thanks so much again to everyone who continues to support and encourage us in what we're doing for the kids of Atlanta. We will have our newest update and newsletter posted on here soon.

Feel free to email us anytime with questions, comments, etc.
(VAMentoring at gmail dot com)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looking Ahead

I know it's been forever since we updated this blog. Adam has been working for the past two weeks on getting the mentoring program ready, going, moving . . . Since he's starting from scratch, everything is taking a little longer than he/we anticipated. We just wanted you all to know that we are so excited about what's ahead and the plans that we feel like the Lord has given us for the program.

For anyone who was planning on coming to our first training session, we have moved it (obviously) and we are tentatively scheduling it for the beginning of November. I know that seems like a long ways off, but we really want all of our mentors to feel like we are really preparing them for what they're doing (because it is SO important!) Thanks to everyone for your prayers, support, and patience!